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  • Any donor, who is healthy, fit and not suffering from any transmittable diseases can donate blood.
  • Donor must be 18 -65 years age and having a minimum weight of 45Kg can donate blood.
  • A donor can again donate blood after 3 months of your last donation of blood.
  • Body temperature should be normal and oral temperature should not exceed 37.5 degree Celsius.

NON Eligibilities

  • Donors should not suffer from Cardiac arrest, hypertension, kidney alignments, epilepsy or diabetics.
  • Ladies with a bad miscarriage should avoid donating blood for the next 6 months.
  • If donor already donated blood or have been treated for malaria within the last three months.
  • If donor consumed alcohol within the last 24 hours.
  • If donor is a HIV+

Pre & Post Donation Care

  • Prepare yourself by having enough fruit juice and water in the night and morning before you donate blood.
  • Avoid donating blood in empty stomach. Eat three hours before you donate blood.
  • Don’t consume Alcohol or caffeine beverages before donating blood.
  • Have some rest 5 to 20 minutes after donation. Do not drive after donation of blood.
  • Have some snacks and juice with high sugar content which will help to rejuvenate the blood sugar back up.
  • Do not consume Alcohol for 8 hours after donation of blood.
  • Avoid going for a heavy body works such as gym, dancing, running etc at least for next one day.

Personal views

"Doctors save life by constructing a healthy life, designer save life by constructing a life worth living, we tries to save lives by donating our time for society".

When we save the life it makes us happy by donating our blood to someone, who is in need.we have donated blood more than 20 times in life, In future also, we will continue donating the blood till we can. We are human being so it is our duty to help the needy people in our society. we are requesting you all to join us in our noble cause. We have taken oath to donate our body after death even we have taken oath to donate our bonemarrow. So please come forward, Join hand and make a endless chain

"Do it and you will feel good".

Mr & Mrs. Vikas Mittal

Eye Donation

In India, we have an estimated 4.6 million people with corneal blindness that is curable through corneal transplantation made possible by eye donation. More than 90% of the corneal transplantation is carried out successfully and helps restore vision in people with corneal blindness. Corneal transplantation in infants born with cloudy cornea can make a big difference to their lives. The Palwal Donors Club operates 24 hours throughout the year. Through our Club, we obtain, evaluate and distribute eyes received as donations for use in corneal transplantation, research and education. We do this with utmost care taking into account patient safety by adopting strict medical standards. Eyes which cannot be used for corneal transplantation are used for research and education purposes.Eyes need to be removed within six hours after death and so it is important to get in touch with Palwal Donors Club. Please call the Palwal Donors Club at 9896018073 /9017600075 as eyes have to be removed within six hours after death.Our team is trained to leave within 15 minutes from the time of the call and depending on the distance, will reach within a maximum of one hour.Please remember the following after making the call to the Palwal Donors Club.Keep the eyes of the deceased closed and covered with moist cotton.Switch off the ceiling fan, if any, directly over the deceased person.If possible, apply antibiotic eye drops periodically in the deceased’s eyes to reduce the chance of any infection.Raise the head of the deceased by about six inches, if possible, to reduce the chances of bleeding at the time of removal of the eyes.

Who can be eye donors

Anyone from the age of one. There is no age-limit for donating the eye. All one needs to do is bequeath his or her eyes by taking a simple pledge to donate the eyes after death. While taking a pledge during ones lifetime itself is a noble deed, it requires the support of the relatives or friends to carry out the wishes of eye donation of the deceased. People using spectacles and those diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension can donate their eyes.The relatives of the deceased can decide on donating the eyes of their beloved one.There are no religious conflicts on eye donation. Eye donation gives a gift of sight to others. As such, it is consistent with beliefs and attitudes of all major religious and ethical traditions.

Who can not be a eye donor.

Death due to unknown causes. People who die due to infections such as rabies, syphilis, infectious hepatitis, septicemia, and AIDS, cannot donate. Donation from living persons is not accepted. .